A Year and A Day: Ciguapa

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Ciguapa.pdf

Quoth the Ciguapa:

*Whistle- Chirp Chirp Whistle, Tweet.

Kith Excerpt:

The Ciguapa would be masters of stealth, if they didn’t leave such a wide swathe of destruction in their wake. They are nigh impossible to track, but every Kith in the Fiefs know exactly when they raid.

This all female Jumbee (Kith) is notorious for not just their dark appetite, but also for their dark unearthly beauty. Like the Sirens of antiquity, these dark seductresses lure men into the wild places to be devoured, both figuratively and literally.

While the Kingdom of Hispaniola, namely the Dominican Republic, was originally their home, they have since gone-a-foreign throughout the whole of the Fiefs. They are on every island, and in the wilds near every large city – the easier to catch their prey unaware. They are particularly prevalent in the Land of Springs, which boasts plenty of uninhabited spaces where fat and slow tourist men travel oblivious to the dangers.



“I hurried back to the swimming pool, Sinkin’ pina coladas.
I heard a dark voice beside me say Would you like something harder.
She said I’ve got it you want it, My harvest is the best And if you try it you’ll like it
And wallow in a Dreadlock Holiday.”
– 10CC, “Dreadlock Holiday”


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