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Quoth the Sikoyoy
“Go away. You’re ugly and you don’t belong here.”

Kith Excerpt:

Alongside dark and foreboding riverbanks, or nestled in fetid swamps, exists the most chthonic of Kapatiran (Kith) claiming allegiance to the Aswang (Filipino Supernatural Society). Anywhere else in the world, the Sikoyoy (also known as Magindara or Sirena ) would be simply sequestered as mermaids. They live in water, they are part fish, and they try to snatch up sailors. Yet in the Philippines they know that the Sikoyoy are far darker than the Merfolk, and can prove far more dangerous than even the Thallain Murduahca.

The Sikoyoy are keepers of primal spots of unwieldy Primal Glamour: Sinkholes in reality where the reaming, the real world, and the realms beyond all intersect. These nexus’ are manifest scattered across the world, but only the Sikoyoy are aware of Filipino ones and how to guard them. Usually appearing in or around water, the Sikoyoy shield these areas with a fervor bordering on Religious frenzy.

Mortals that draw too close are warned, Lewenri (Seelie) Sikoyoy will drag the prey under and let them go, a terrifying warning to stay away. Aghoy (Unseelie) Sikoyoy may not let the mortals go at all. Other creatures besides mortals don’t get the benefit of a warning at all, even from the Lewenri. Exceptionally attractive creatures may be pulled under, but for different reasons…



“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. Some of the natural world is appealing, some of it is terrifying, and some of it grosses us out. Modern people don’t want to be dropped naked into a swamp.”
– Paul Bloom


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