A Year and A Day: Myconids

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Myconid:

“Are you going to eat that?”

Kith Excerpt:

Myconids are found worldwide. (In South America, they go by the name Kayeri), but the U.S. of A. has a special place for them. Not quite an Inanimae, but not fully Kithain, they fall somewhere in the middle. An extremely adaptable species with no particular origin or history, a curse speculated, but the stories vary. There is one thing for sure: they have been there, observing since the beginning of creation. The unnoticed, underdog if you will. Underestimated by most but valued by the wise. Since fungus forms have a vast network throughout the earth and all living flora, their communication & unity is an efficient one. They protect their strong-knit community and all non-threating life forms. You could say their motto is one of Live and let live.

They are the quiet ones, the lurkers, coming in all shapes and sizes, often unexpected and without warning. They are capable of remaining dormant for years at a time. They respect the ebb & flow of life & death. Enjoying the calm life, mostly keeping to themselves… but cross them and they will devour anything in their path in the blink of an eye. Never boastful, they are humble creatures, often kind, intelligent & always honest.

Death angel type fungi are the exception to all the Myconid; more parasitic, crippling lives and fungi networks. Some of their own even see them labeled ruthless cannibals, with a genocidal agenda. Because their toxicity is so high, their own brain suffers: their intelligence withers and they overestimate the time they can spend in uncomfortable environments… but let’s worry about that some other day, hmm?



“Rotting dead wood and leaves enzymes – acidically true superheroes of litter decay.”
– Leslie Bulion


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