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Quoth the Enfield:

“Ho there, Lord O’Kelley. Is it yourself? Long time no seeing you, friend. What’s that? You say you don’t know me? Ach, well, tis the pity. I certainly do know you.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Enfield are clever and dexterous, and perhaps the most elusive of the Hibernian Fae, more-so than even the Killmoulis. They are a Tribe of Irish Vulpecula, Fox Fae, with all the charm and guile such brings. While as gregarious and witty as any Fox – they try to keep their identity on the Down-low. With ancient ties to the lands of the dead, to water, and most importantly select Irish Clans- The Enfield have more than enough to worry about without a whole gang of groupies chasing them down for an autograph (as you’d hear them explain it).

What the Enfield truly is is up for debate. Intrinsically linked to a long-standing Clan of Irish Fae (and their kinain contstituents as well) the Fox-Fairy called Enfield has been a Heraldric symbol for those certain clans since before the Irish Clans were even using Heraldric Symbols. Their original purpose was to serve and protect the clan’s chieftains and Kings, and to watch over their grave-sites after said Clan leaders passed. Because of their diligence, the clan created stories about their perserverance, until what was left was a hodge-podge of animal attributes acredited to these Fae beasts.

They became a chimeric composite of eagle, lion, greyhound, fox, and wolf— the descriptions delight the few Enfields that have made their presence known across the whole of the Court of All Kings. Of course each Enfield will delight in telling you what each part means…the head of the fox means cleverness, The chest of a greyhound suggests speed, a body of a lion means royalty (this delights the Enfield to no end) and bravery, and the back legs and rump of a wolf suggests loyalty and ferocity both. Of course, none of these pieces are really part of the Enfield’s make-up. Except for the back feet and forelegs of a hawk complete with talons (Which suggests strength and hunting prowess as you know), the Enfield is indistinguishable from any other Fox Fairy. Perhaps maybe the color. Some even posit that the original Enfield was simply an otter (though it would be unwise to mention this to an Enfield, who is sensitive about such things).



“‘Men have forgotten this truth,’ said the fox. ‘But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.’”
– Antoine de Saint Exupery


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