A Year and A Day: Pukwudgies

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Quoth the Pukwudgie:

“Hey, hey, bet you I can shoot this arrow at your face and catch it before it hits…wanna see?”

Kith Excerpt:

Although one of the most prevalent of Wapsu (Thallain) Nunnehi in the state of Massachusetts, even more-so than even the Concordian Thallain, the Pukwudgies are never-the-less over-looked. The majority of these Wapsu bastards like it this way. The Pukwudgies have little traffic with humans and even less traffic with the other Nunnehi They represent the worst aspects of the Wapsu Gundohgi (families) in the North-east. This is due to their unwholesome attitude.

The Pukwudgies are nasty and capricious ruffians who enjoy tormenting others. Although not evil by any means, the Pukwudgies aren’t a often invited to Nunnehi inter-tribal affairs. Their jealous ways and unscrupulous character is a deterrent to others. Certain Nunnehi story-tellers remember when the Pukwudgies were well-received by their Wampanoag tribe allies. Both sides, mortal and Nunnehi lived peacefully until a giant of a Nunnehi named Maushop (of an unknown Nunnehi family) brought many wonderful gifts for the Wampanoag Tribe. The Pukwudgies grew jealous of the attention heaped on this new strange giant and began to harass and torment the mortals that they once called allies.

This torment still continues. The Pukwudgies like nothing better than to bully others, especially mortals. To this day, the Natives of that area still counsel against dealing with them. “If you see a Pukwudgie,” they warn, “Then act as if you don’t”. The most sensible action is to just walk away. If the Pukwudgie thinks that it has your attention, then you are a target of their attention. And no one wants the attentions of a Pukwudgie. Annoying pranks are the hallmarks of the kinder of their number (if one such exists); bodily harm the hallmarks of the mean one. To make matters worse, a Pukwudgie who is spurned harbors a deep-seated and frothing grudge that doesn’t go away.



“The more they hate you, the better you’re doing.”
– Andy Kaufman


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