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Quoth the Kinnara:

*None- just angry jealous stares at your significant other and you…

Kith Excerpt:

The line between the Gandharvas and Kinnara is a thin one. They are both horse-headed (Sometimes winged) musicians of the Otherworlds with a power of creativity that belies all reason and changes the hearts of men and Fae alike. Yet the Kinnara serve the Asura (Unseelie) as dark musicians that can sway hearts to darker ends.

The Kinnara are perpetually jealous monsters, said to have been born out of Brahma the Creator God’s shadow. Their first act of creation was to express the pain of life in song, while their Gandharva brother tribe cried in elation at the joy of life’s first breath. The schism was created then and there, and while the two tribes are amiable, they will forever be “Other” to the dichotomy of Janajaati (Kith).

This existential Anguish is what dictates the Kinnara’s perpetual search for love. No few Peri (Fae) poets sing of how a Kinnara is but one true-love’s kiss away from becoming a Gandharva. Kinnara sneer at such navel-gazing frivolities… They have far more important things to do than worry about that love’s first kiss. That’s so stupid. I mean, come-on… It’s not like it will ever happen, anyway. Right? RIGHT?



“Music has infinite power to reach the gap between the heart and the soul to create infinite and ineffable joy.”
― Debasish Mridha

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.
― Tom Waits


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