A Year and A Day: Kakamora

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Kakamora:

*None- just whispered giggling.

Kith Excerpt:

While most of their number are in the Solomon Islands, the infamously vicious Kakamora can be found all over the Pacific, with just about every small Island having a name for them. They are Kakangora, the Tutulangi, Mumu, Dodore, Lalibohibohi and the Nopitu in Vanuatu. This is just their home Chain of Islands, and there are a score of other names in the rest of the Sea of Islands. They are as feared as they are famous, and every Huringa has a scary story to tell -whether the stories are true or not.

Kūhiki to a one of them (though not Thallain) these tiny beasts sail the water as the worst of pirates. They have secret ports in every Whenua, and their ships can get in and out of any port with none being the wiser. Perhaps it is due to their small size, or their skill at seamanship. The truth, however, probably lies in how carefully sneaky they are out. Though this is due to their fear of something seemingly innocuous.

Those informed few who feel themselves safe because they know this Achilles Heel shouldn’t get too arrogant… the Kakamora are notorious for their stealth, and they attack with warning, and always in groups. No amount of a target’s shirt-flapping can save them when the Kakamora come in the dead of night.



“Murdering little pirates. Wonder what they’re here for?”
― Maui in Moana.


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