A Year and A Day: Quinametzin

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Quoth the Quinametzin:

“Flat? Need some help? I’ll pick the truck up; you change the tire… No need to thank me, just pass it on…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Quinametzin were a proto race of giants, hand-crafted by the Gods to be the apex of physical splendor. They were mighty of arm, terrible in beauty, and wise in ways not seen since. This also made them proud and petty, ruling over the little mortals beneath them. The Gods, tired of their arrogance, sent a flood to wipe them out, and lowly humanity was placed above them.

One of their number, an ancestor called Xelhua – the Architect escaped with flood with six of his brothers. He built a temple- the largest pyramid on Earth—the Great Pyramid of Cholula as a means of penance and promised that he would work through countless lifetimes to apologize to the Gods and to make things right again.

He and his brothers have descendants today – the Quinametzin of the Ayauhcalli (Fae). Each of these Calli, giants all, are Melahuac (Seelie). Each of them seeks to continue their ancestral tradition of making up for past sins. They use their great strength to make this world a better place, whether that is battling evil, or lifting boulders- whatever will work best. They are also paragons of ingenuity and cleverness. This is something overlooked by most- who expect them to be mindless mounds of muscle. The truth is that they were ancient architects of the highest order. But if more people need their strength over their brains, that’s okay too…

However, being overly nice and agreeable, sometimes to a fault- leads some to easily be taken advantage of. There are many unsavory types trying to abuse the Giant’s generosity. The Quinametzin are slow to anger, of course, worried about going the wrong way again. But never mistake kindness for weakness, and even a Saint can be pushed too far. It should never be forgotten that the Quinametzin are giants after all…



“The tradition was also handed down from their forefathers, that in ancient times there lived here a race of men and women who were of immense stature with heavy bones and were a very bad and evil-disposed people, whom they had for the greater part exterminated by continual war, and the few that were left gradually died away.”
-Hernán Cortés


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