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Quoth the Nibelung:

“Yeah, I got a spinning wheel that can turn straw into gold, is that all you want? How about a needle that turns thread into platinum? A Plate that turns dirt into whatever you want? What’ll it cost you? What do you got?”

Kith Excerpt:

The gloomy and squirming maggots which first crawled through Ymir’s corpse birthed the first of the Svaltalfar (Unseelie). Some of these maggots became the Kobolds, others the Dokkalfar, while the fattest and most gluttonous crawled deeper down through Ymir’s rotting flesh and nestled deep against the bones. These became the Thallain Tribe knows as the Nibelung, the dark and twisted dwarves of Niðavellir.

Dour and bitter, sarcastic and Sadist, the Nibelung are perhaps the most unsavory of all the Scandinavian Fae. But they are a desired Fae none-the-less. The Nibelung are masters of the forge, who designed and created weapons for the Gods, some of the mounts, and all of their treasures. Mithral, Uru, Promethium-X, all the magical Unobtanium fictional metals of the world are like clay to these dwarves.

Hidden from the light of the sun, they have carved out whole kingdoms in their deep mountainous hollows. Here they pursue their craft, producing jewelry and weapons and mounts and even clockwork limbs for the maimed. There is no treasure, no device, no article which can’t be fashioned in their abysmal furnaces deep underground. Here they wait for their inevitable customers – who will pay whatever price is asked for the Nibelung’s miracles.



“The race of the dwarfs
in Dvalin’s throng
Down to Lofar
the list must I tell;
The rocks they left,
and through wet lands
They sought a home
in the fields of sand.”
Prose Edda – The Voluspa – 14


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