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Quoth the Jotun:

“We are born of Ymir’s Get, removed from the Aes and Van, from Mann and Alfar. These wild places are ours, and all who venture here are at our mercy!”

Kith Excerpt:

The Jotnar is the plural of Jotun, a distinct Disir (Kith) of Nordic Fae that laughs at any Changeling which calls itself ancient. Less of a singular Kith, and more a series of extended House-holds (or Släkt in their own tongue) the Jotnar are born of the chthonic Elements that existed before everything else. From the Gulf of Ginnungungap, and the realms of Fire and Ice, the first of the Jotun were born, predating Gods and Men, Elves and Dwarves.

From these the Ymir’s Get, descended the first of the Släkt Forbears. (See Side-Bar). Some of these bred with the Gods, some chose to live among the Alfar. Others stayed behind on Midgard, the realm of Men, and chose to safe-guard the wild places from Man’s Greed. In fact, many of the Disir that claim allegiance to the Alfar are in fact descended from the Jotun themselves. The Norns, the Fossegrim, the Muspi, Moswyfjes, and even the Trolls are all bastard lineages of the Jotnar. An exceedingly clever, strong, and beautiful creatures, they can claim familial ties to Loki-Fire-Hair of the Aes, Skadi the Aes of Beauty, and Utgarde-Loki, second only to Odin-All-Father in cleverness.

It is important to note that the Jotun do not die from old age, but only get bigger and bigger as they grow older. By the time they hit Eldre status (or grump-hood) they tower upwards of five Meters. By this time, they have found their mindsets becoming more and more alien, and have a special disdain for the mewling of every other creature. Gods are just as petty and bickering as Men or elves. Once this mindset begins to become a factor in their thinking, they leave the world behind and seek out the solitude of their environment. Many whisper that they eventually become their element. With Mountain-Giants becoming large hillocks themselves, or Frost-Giants curling up and becoming one with Glaciers.



“There was in times of old, where Ymir dwelt, nor sand nor sea, nor gelid waves;
earth existed not, nor heaven above, ‘twas a chaotic chasm, and grass nowhere.”
– The Poetic Edda – Benjamin Thorp Trans.


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