A Year and A Day: Stoleme

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Stoleme:

“I tell you what, it sure is a great day out here in the woods, isn’t it? Blue sky birds singing… Yep, nothing can spoil such a… Hey, HEY! Pick up that can and throw it away before I pick you up and throw you away!”

Kith Excerpt:

The northern landscape throughout the Kingdom of Beautiful Amber is a rocky and torrid region, with large swatches of twisted forest, hard unforgiving soil, and dense with huge boulders. The stories of the Kashubian peoples in that region tell of how the Stolemë created such landscapes in their battles. They battled evil and monsters of course, but mostly each other. Their prodigious size, giant’s strength, and penchant for uprooting trees when angered showcase some truth in these stories.

Also called Ispolini, Stolemy, and other cross-cultural variations, the Stolemë of today can be found all over Poland, particularly in rural areas thick with green vegetation. Perhaps they are making up for all the damage they did to the rocky North, or maybe they simply enjoy the quiet. Either way, they have a special disdain for the cities.

If not immersed in the comforts of the wide open and green expanses of the natural world, the Stolemë grow cranky and irritable. Of course, they are naturally prickly, but being removed from their beloved forests takes it to a whole new level. The other Krew (Kith) respect this, and when the Odmience (Changelings) need gather with them, they are sure to take it out to the wilds. All the better to put their favorite giants at ease



“For thousands of years, it had been nature–and its supposed creator – that had had a monopoly on awe. It had been the icecaps, the deserts, the volcanoes and the glaciers that had given us a sense of finitude and limitation and had elicited a feeling in which fear and respect coagulated into a strangely pleasing feeling of humility…”
― Alain de Botton, “The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work”


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