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Quoth the Peikko:

“Hey there, come over here for a second, don’t worry, I won’t bite. I have all this candy, and I can’t eat it. I’ll tell you what; if you pull your sister’s hair, I’ll let you have the whole lot of it.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Piekko Väki (Kith) is a wild family of Finnish Pirut (Unseelie), creepy to a one of them, and bordering what Keltoi Fae understand as Thallain – though it should be stressed that they do have strict rules of conduct and police their own. The Piekko are supposedly slow and stupid and lazy Monsters. They were hideous giants who could transform into rocky landscapes, or even better- turn invisible. They would drill holes in babies teeth, eat toddlers who wandered out of the house, and convince older children to disobey their parents in all sorts of creative ways. Unfortunately, most of this is correct.

They do promote bad behavior in children. However, as children are the only creatures susceptible to their Cantrips, then children are also the only means in which a Piekko can refuel their Lumoava. The slow, stupid, lazy monsters is somewhat misleading, They aren’t lazy, as they will also go to great lengths to ensure that their young victims act like brats, sometimes plans are acted out months -or even years- in advance. The same for their supposed idiocy. No plan is too Machiavellian or extravagant if it means that a child acts in accordance with the Piekko’s base needs. As far as slow? They are always faster than one would think, despite their large size.

Thankfully, for children everywhere, no Piekko will ever harm a child in that way. Causing a child’s death brings thems a permanent point of Lattea (Banality), and untold levels of psychological damage along with it. Despite their creepy, Pirut ways, the Piekko aren’t Thallain, just Pirut. It should also be stressed, that the entire weight of the Piekko Väki will fall on such a child-murderer, who will ensure that such a Piekko never screws up again – and will never get the opportunity.



“O, Ye Many Unborn Nations,
Never Let Evil Nurse Your Children,
Never Give Them Out To Strangers.”


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