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Quoth the Orcs:

“Once the world lived in fear of our name. That time will come again, and the weak world of light will be brought down to us.”

Kith Excerpt:

Long, long ago, the Orcs meant something. They were feared and respected by all of Albion, and beyond and the Good Mr. Tolkien cemented their horrible mien in pen and ink for the world to fear. Now there are other more terrible things that the world of Men must contend with; High Mortgage rates, and 40K’s and reality television. The world of Orcs came and went, and with it the fear and respect of the darkest of the Gentry.

Being creatures of the Underworld anyway, the Dark-Ones went further underground, setting up labyrinthine kingdoms in the sewers, well away from the prying eyes of Man. Here they would battle and make conquest with the other Under-folk, such as Nosferatu Kindred, Sluagh, and other skulky-skulkers, and coming to the surface only rarely when necessity should dictate such. They would occasionally battle with the surface-dwellers, but that was only to remind the world that the dark-ones still thrive.

The Chief enemies that they seek to destroy however are the Sidhe. While once the Orcs lived lives of dark adventure against the High-Elves, only those self-same High-Elves kept their place. The gleaming and beautiful children of the Tuatha de Danaan still maintain their Silver Throne, while the Orcs were forced beneath the World, further down than their dark-mountain keeps ever were. They bide their time however: they still maintain their king-ship, and they still have their strength and pride. Their resurgence will come, and the world will once more remember why they once feared the Underworld.



“You must dig swift and deep, if you wish to hide from Orcs.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Fellowship of the Ring”


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