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Quoth the Grig:

“So the difference between a good 401K savings plan, and just stuffing your cash in your sock is that the 401K… Have you heard that new Buckethead album? I Swear that guy puts out 50 albums a year. They’re all good though. He’s awesome that way. I saw him live once…he had nunchucks, and he was breakdancing, and I feel like Pad-Thai Do you want Pad-Thai?”

Kith Excerpt:

The term Grig can be simultaneously used to refer to crickets, grasshoppers, or an energetic lively person; something that anyone who has met a Grig can attest to. It may also mean a small hen, or a baby eel; a sentiment that any Grig would laugh at, before wandering off to do something else. Most Grigs would do that anyway, they’re funny that way.

Jovial, witty, clever, and quick- the Grigs are a small tribe of Manxish Kithain who are gifted with insectoid shape-shifting powers, and a penchant for music-making the envy of serious Fae musicians the whole world over. IF you were to ask the Grigs about it, they would assert that the problem lies in those Fae musicians being serious… “That’s the problem.”

Regardless of silliness, seriousness, or other, the truth is music is in the Grig’s very life-blood, and manifests itself at the very beginning of their Fae lives. All Grigs are bequeathed a musical instrument at their Chrysalis in elaborate song-filled ceremonies. In fact, there are a plethora of instruments, and a new Grig must choose the one that calls to them the most. Some have a love for the fiddle, or the hurdy-gurdy, or the fife, or bag-pipes… the list goes on and on and on. The love for this instrument is bound to them, and follows their souls through multiple incarnations. Sometimes there is a lucky Grig that may even find his previous incarnation’s instrument, which are treated as treasures of the rarest order.



“Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and good night.”
– A. J. McLean


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