A Year and A Day: Yombi

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Yombi:

“HAHAHA! It is a beautiful day for a picnic! The sun is out, and Sky is blue, and I have enough food for us all!”

Kith Excerpt:

Called Yombis in their own tongue, the Rest of the Emere (Changelings) and the Wolof tribes of Senegal, West Africa, call them the Bakhna-Rakhna. In a curious turn of phrase, the term Bakhna-Rakhna literally translates to good people, a curious similarity to the more Celtic euphemism for Fairies in the form of Good Neighbors. They are also one of the few creatures of legend that the Celtic Fae known as Marcra (that is double-Seelie).

The Yombi are a wonderfully happy and generous breed of African Changelings that are renowned for their nightly feasts, and lavish natures. They are fond of extravagant revelries, elaborate fêtes, and their richly decorated halls are welcome to all, friend and foe alike.

Even their worst enemies are brought into the feast with open arms. Gifts and praise are heaped upon even the most violent and hated of the Yombi’s adversaries. This infuriates most of their enemies, however, because they know the Good-nature of the Yombi is true, and no malice will be forth-coming as long as they are in the halls. While these foes can attempt violence, there are subtle ways that the Yombi can handle such trouble. This is usually in the form of the Spirit-Helper birthright (See Below). While the Yombi themselves can’t respond in kind, there is nothing saying that their hands can’t.



“Heri yako heri yangu.”
“Your happiness is my happiness.”
– Swahili Greeting to a Guest


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