A Year and A Day: Wulver

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Quoth the Wulver:

“Ahoy, I just happen to have a few extra kippers from this morning’s catch. I don’t suppose you might be wanting some extra supper tonight for ye and yuir wee ones?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Wulver serve an unusual role amongst the Kithain courts of the United Kingdom, and especially Scotland. While they boast strong birthrights that should enable them to trounce interlopers out of their territory they instead focus on quiet solitude and introspection. They boast strong blood-ties to the Wolf-Changing Tribes named Fianna, but would rather go fishing. While they could easily lead armies of their fellow Scottish Kith against the Forces of Evil, they spend their time living amongst poor mortals, and helping them unseen.

This dichotomy doesn’t win them many allies amongst the Caledonia fae, but the Wulver care little for the opinions of others, especially the opinions of the entitled, snarky, insufferable, pointy-eared, ass-hats amongst the Celtic Sidhe families.

Most modern Kithain scholars believe that the Kith evolved from dreams of the Animals peaceful relation with nature, and how Mortal envied the wolves’ symbiosis with the natural world. Wouldn’t it be fine to simply go fishing every day? To enjoy your-self free from the shackles of maintaining a household, or a free-hold even? To this end, the Wulver was seen as the in-between stage of man and wolf. They are content to fish and laugh and help the Children of Adam as needs arise. They have no fear of Fomorians, no need to scheme, and no worries about the coming winter.



“Evil looking face. Judge him not by looks alone. Kind and gentle heart.”
– Morrigan Aoife


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