A Year and A Day: Yule-Sidhe

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Yule-Sidhe:

“Greetings Stranger, enter into this realm with a heart full of Joy. The realm has invited you and for that be grateful. But know that it is grander than you can reckon. The power that invited you is stronger than the sun and older than the winter’s night. Do not take your invitation for granted.”

Kith Excerpt:

While the Celtic Lands may lay claim to the Sidhe Tribes as the Concordia understand it, they don’t lay claim to the whole of the Kith. There are Sidhe of concepts far older than even the Celts could reckon. In the town of Juleberg, or Christmas town as it’s known to locals, there exists one high-born Tribe of Sidhe. This family harkens back to the First awakenings of Yule and the promise of renewal that it brings.

While modern media and popular culture pain Christmas Elves as tiny toy-making figures in red tights and Phrygian Caps, seeing the true Lords of Yule quickly dispel such conceits. Beautiful in the cold way that only the primogenital Sidhe can be – the proud and noble Yule-Sidhe watch over the Dreaming realm of Christmas Town. They are distant and aloof, but fair and even-handed. They are, in effect, the best that royalty has to offer. And while they may carve toys, bake sweets, or even crack nuts, they are not to be confused with commoners that fulfill these same rolls. They are Lords and Ladies of the very realm and masters of the tasks that fuel it.

The Yule-Sidhe answer only to the Sinter-Klauss; the nebulous and never-seen manifestation of Christmas Town’s very Spirit. In fact, it is rumored that if anyone has ever seen the Sinter-Klauss, it would be the eldest Grumps of the Tribe. These Old-world Fae are the elemental voice and face of the Season, and everyone in Christmas Town is wise enough to remember this.



“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”
― Roy L. Smith


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