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Quoth the Sugar-Plum-Fairy:

… Chirp chirp chirp tweet chirp tweet…

Kith Excerpt:

Perhaps originally hailing from the Land of Sweets, perhaps not; the diminutives Family of Sugar Plums remain tight lipped concerning their origins. One possible theory is that the Sugar Plums Fairies are born of a sugar-addled Child’s sweet-frenzied dreams. Their insane logic, dizzying speeds, and attention span equal to a caffeinated weasel adds some credence to this theory.

It seems as if the only thing the Sugar-Plums truly care for is the present. Mute but chittering little Nevers, the Sugar Plum Fairies are forever flitting to and fro in Christmas Town. They harangue the hard-working with their high-pitched sing-songy chirping and petty little pranks that amuse no one but themselves. This happens with enough regularity that some residents of Christmas-Town outright ban them from certain areas. This only makes the Sugar Plum Fairies that much more annoying, however, as they sneak into these areas with obnoxious disguises and wreak havoc once inside.

While Unseelie due to these many reasons, the Sugar Plum Fairies represent one of the most positive faces of the Unseelie courts – That of constant Change and action. They ensure that things happen, and happen quickly, rather than grow stagnant. If frustration results, then perhaps the frustrated individual needs to quickly grow patient.



“Sugar will sweeten anything that she touches.”
― Anthony T. Hincks


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