A Year and A Day: Barbegazi

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Barbegazi:

“Bon Soir, mes Amis, a beautiful night for a bon-fire no? However, the area in which you are attempting to build such a fire is awfully susceptible to avalanche. I would hate to have to dig you out of such a horrible and painful ordeal. It would behoove you to host your wiener roast closer to the resort, nes-pas?”

Kith Excerpt:

High above in the snow-covered Alps, between the Realms of the French Lutin, and the domains of the Scandinavian Älva, dwell the Barbegazi. The Name Barbegazi probably stems from the words ice and beards, a reference to the rime that forms in the facial hair of these snow-loving Fae. This Fabian (Kith), a close cousin to the Boggans, roam free among the frost laden mountain peaks. They are keepers of long forgotten mountainous trods. While there may be a multitude of the world over who would seek to capture these trods, there are few who can withstand the inclement weather surrounding these forgotten pathways.

In recent years, however, the wealthiest of mortal elite have conquered much of these areas and set up ski-resorts. While this may seem detrimental to the Dreaming, the wonders of the icy mountain caps, and the joie-de-vivre of skiing and playing in the snow have opened up new avenues in which Éclat (Glamour) can be accrued by this cold-loving Fabian. The kind-hearted kith has found a new niche in which the wonders of snow and ice can be shared with mortals. Skiing and sledding, snow-ball fights, building snowmen, all the joys of winter are to be shared. The Barbegazi have never been happier.

As far as those long-forgotten trods hidden in the frosty glens and treacherous peaks? There are still places with warning signs indicating places not to ski, and the Barbegazi serve as the perfect ski-patrols, ensuring that said areas remain undisturbed.



“One of the very best reasons for having children is to be reminded of the incomparable joys of a snow day.”
– Susan Orlean


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