A Year and A Day: Thunn’ha

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Quoth the Thunn’ha:

“Ugly? Maybe, but I got my whole family right here, and they are just as ugly as I am. Do you want to say that to all of us? Didn’t think so…”

Kith Excerpt:

Millennia ago there existed a strange Tribe of denizens on a vast wet moon in a quiet cool realm. The tribe was peaceful, tranquil, content to worship their Old-God in their own ways in their own time. They hunted and fished and loved and crafted great stone monuments to Bokrug- himself a God of quiet cool waters. Of course, all things change and this tribe was destroyed along with their villages and lifestyles and stone monuments to Bokrug. The Tribe was the Thunn`ha. That peaceful moon? Earth’s own. Those destroyers? They were men thousands of years in the past. Of course history has no recollection of Man’s destructive nature before history began, but the Mythian Tribe of Thunn`ha still remembers.

Left bereft and without a home, the Thunn`ha migrated to numerous Outer Worlds far past the Waking World. They still worshipped Bokrug of course and made peace where they could – but the Outer Worlds are no place for a peaceful race of gentle-fisher-folk, and the Thunn`ha had to learn the ways of battle and warfare. All the tools that their ancient enemy Man used so many years past.

Those once peaceful villages and cool oceans are now so much moon-dust. The Thunn`ha don’t have a home to go back to. Yet they perservere, in a way that so few of the Mythian Tribes could ever begin to understand. But time has taught the Thunn`ha well. They will never be caught unaware again, and with nothing to lose, there is nothing that can be taken from them.



“Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise.”
– H.P.L., “Call of Chtulhu”


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