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Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Mambang Air:

“You boat, and you fish, and you swim in these waters as if they were made for you and you alone. They are for the whole world, and the whole world doesn’t want your empty beer bottle in them. You have 10 seconds to dive in there and fetch it out, or you’ll be in there anyway, with none to fetch you out ever again. Do you understand?”

Kith Excerpt:

From the Moment of their Chrysalis the Mambang Air turn to the oceans, seas, and rivers of the Halls of Golden Lions. A primal call to the cold dark water is heard, and they never look back. It is important to remember that despite the Air (Air is the Malay word for Water) this Hantu (Kith) isn’t one of the sky clouds. Too many outsiders have made that assumption and few lived to lament it.

One of the most dangerous of Hantu in the whole of the Halls, the Mambang Air represent the primal dark realm of the waters. Not an Inanimae, as so many erroneously assume, the Mambang Air hearken back to older ideas of Elder Deep Demons and ancient Aquatic Gods. Simply labeling them Elemental Fairies doesn’t do them justice.

They are keepers of the ever-important waterways that cover the majority of Southeast Asia. With this stewardship comes a horrible impatience with the mortal world. Humans are despoilers of nature, and their disregard of the waterways warrants the wraith of the Mambang Air. Perhaps the most serious and dour of the Athurakal (Fae), only mortals who respect and safe-guard the waters as much as the Mambang Air themselves are safe.



“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.”
― Christopher Paolini, “Eragon”


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