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Quoth the Ellyllon:

“Llevelys and Lludd, Branwen and Beli – the tales are old, but not so old as to be forgotten. Step closer and hear their stories, and in those stories hear the truths of our own existence.”

Kith Excerpt:

Despite any disdain the Ellyllon may have for the modern world, they recognize they are still a part of it and their place within its boundaries. With the Tylweth Teg (Sidhe) dictating this and that, and so few mortals recognizing the significance of the old ways, the Ellyllon are needed more than ever. Someone has to protect Cymru and who better than the oldest and most magical of Crimbil (Changelings).

A primal family from well before the departure of the Tylweth Teg, the Ellyllon are Cymru’s eldest fae Tribe. They keep old magics deep in underground caverns, or hidden in forgotten glens, all areas where the walls between worlds grow thinnest. These places are called Dingles, and the Ellyllon have used them for traversing worlds for longer than recorded history.

They are masters of the old Celtic magic, what some Fae scholars remember as Druidism. Their penchant for wearing white flowing robes; both the color of sadness and the afterlife, is a small clue as to the true nature of this memory. Yet this adherence to the old ways of Celtic Magic puts them somewhat at odds with the modern world. They have little love for the modern Dreaming, and even less love for the Tylweth Teg who claim unearned sovereignty over the whole of the Celtic Lands.



“Yr ydoedd ym mhob gobant, Ellyllon mingeimion gant.”
(There was in every hollow, A hundred wrymouthed elves.)
– Davydd ab Gwilym – 1340


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