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Quoth the Ningaui:

*none, just the hushed scampering of tiny, clawed feet…

Kith Excerpt:

In the mangrove swamps of Melville Island, just off the northern coast, the Tiwi people whisper of the Ningaui- the Small Ghosts- that prowl the night. Modern zoologist, however, will tell you of the Ninguai too, a tiny genus of marsupial, in the Dunnart family of Dasyuridae. In a way, they are both right.

The Ningaui are a transforming race of Dreamtime Spirit Beings, small in stature but quick and stealthy. They are shy but have a long history of aiding the Tiwi people when they could, playing parts in their Religious ceremonies and initiation rites. However, the world is full of large realms, and Australia is a bigger realm than most. The small quiet nature of the Ningaui allows them no small amount of covertness, and many of their number have become the best of thieves, spies, or even assassins if needs must.

Yet at the end of the day, most of their number would be content to go back to Melville Island, and spend quiet time with their Kinain Tiwi people. The Ningaui are little creatures, and their little moments are what truly count.



“Sometimes the smallest things are so damn unforgivable.
Maybe because they aren’t small—they only seem that way to someone else.”
― James Anderson, “The Never-Open Desert Diner”


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