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Quoth the Daitya:

“We are children of Gods, inheritors of this world and the next. We are as strong in mind as we are in arm. There is nothing that you or your clan can do to sway my hand.”

Kith Excerpt:

Once upon a time there was a great anti-God/king/father named Dati. He led his Demon Tribe/family/army against the whole of the Vedic Pantheon. Vishnu, Indra, Agni, all felt the wrath of his powerful arms, and all gazed in wonder at the hidden machinations of his war strategies. They fought over the Doodh Ka Samud – the Sea of Milk – and the future of the creation that would follow. Dati the anti-God/king/father was defeated, and his ashes scattered across the cosmos. Just as his ashes were scattered and separated, so too were the varied realms of the Peri (Vedic Fae). Those that fought alongside the Vedic gods would become Vedic Peri themselves, and their home-worlds brought closer to the Heavens. Those that fought alongside Dati would be named Asura, and their home-realms thrust into the underground until the next turning of the cycle.

The Daitya Janajaati (Kith) are the tribe/family/army that Dati led those many cycles ago. Demon kings as far removed from the petty frivolous trappings of the Fae as the Fae are removed from the mewling whining masses of mortals. They are monster Gods, powerful in mind, body, spirit… and they are doomed.

Despite their best efforts as a whole, and the will to power that each Daitya individually possesses, the Janajaati aren’t meant to dwell in this world for long. Like their Father Dati- they will be broken and scattered like the ashes of a once great bonfire. They are aware of this, and despite the onward march of fate to over-write them, they thrive while they can. And they plan to do so for a long-while. They are the Kings of the Asura, and no one can take that away from them for now.



“Diti bore the glorious sons called the Daityas, my son. Long ago this treasure-laden Earth and all the seas and forests belonged to them.” – Agastya to Shri Rama


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