A Year and A Day: Haltija

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Quoth the Haltija:

“Stand back, you Celtic bastard! These mortals are mine!”

Kith Excerpt:

A catch-all term for a strange Väki Kith) of the wild places, the Haltija are the most mysterious (and some say most powerful) of all the Hiidet (Finnish Fae). Divided into individual families based on elemental environment, they are similar to the Jotun of the North, the Nymphae far to the South, and distantly related to the Sinipiiat (Inanimae). The biggest difference lies in how well the Haltija care for their mortal constituents, even to the detriment of their own number.

There very appellation derives from the Finnish word Hallita- which means to command, and each elemental family masters their inherited environment to meet the needs of mortals in the area. Perhaps this is due to territorial disputes over glamour, or simply because the Haltija truly appreciate the mortal spectrum. Whatever the reason, the Haltija grow unceremoniously protective whenever their territories are threatened.

That being said, should another of the Hiidet prove that they mean no harm, they can win a grand ally in the Haltija. With strange powers as varied as the elements from which they hail, some Fae scholars even surmise that the Väki aren’t representations of said elements, but the manifestations of that elements actual power. Of course the Haltija have little to say on the matter. As they so eloquently point out “Those damned Fae Scholars have no business around these parts…”



“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” ― Gary Snyder


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