A Year and A Day: Ekwu

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Ekwu:

“Whoah, traveler. You look weary, hey? Come in for a spell and rest up. I’m just after putting the kettle on, you’ll have a cuppa rooibos, yes?”

Kith Excerpt:

Many of the Emere claim both name and descent from an ancient God of antiquity. Eshu, the Ogo, and the Nyar Viruze being a few. Yet the Ekwu are the only tribe who carries that divine ancestry directly into the hearth and home of mortals and Emere alike. Many incorrectly surmise the Ekwu to be simple fae servants, perhaps cousins of the Celtic Boggans. The Ekwu are so much more.

This Igbo Akuko (Seelie Kith) of God-Bloods are, protectors of mothers, children, property, and the fires of a home. Some even posit them the ultra rare Marcra, double Igbo. Their very presence marks a place as successful as their own magic nature blends with the homes, creating a bale-fire that provides Bilingo (Glamour) for all.

While there have been a few males of the Ekwu Akuko, the majority is overwhelmingly female. They are also tutelary entities, nigh-deities of knowledge in their own right, who have kept the magic of antiquity alive for millennia. With this, the elders of the Tribe have become great matrons that serve and protect entire motleys of both mortals and fae.



“When the shepherd comes home in peace, the milk is sweet.”
— Ethiopian proverb


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