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Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Kwahn:

“Here. Hold this.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Kwahn are an ancient Family of Outer Fox Fae, who left the nebulous void of the Spirit worlds to traipse back and forth on this one. They are a strange family, a Gilosa-quohi Tribe that others might understand as Adhene and boast a rich and esteemed godly pedigree. They are named for Californian Creator God/Goddess of the Achumawi Tribe. In this, they share a somewhat twisted lineage with another Creator Deity of the outer worlds- Old Man Coyote. In the old tales, Kwahn the Deity appeared out of a small cloud, while Coyote came out of a small mist. The absolute truth of this is that just like their father/mother, the Kwahn step into the Waking World and the Dreaming from a strange dark region of the Upper Hunting Grounds (what some understand to be the Umbra).

However, Coyote’s own bastard Children – the were-creature Changing Breed Tribe of Nuwisha – also claim those Umbra realms as home, and these two families, the Kwahn and Were-Coyotes, are forever linked. Or, if a WereCoyote’s reasoning is to be heard, the Spirit Father Coyote traveled all realms including the Dreaming, and as such the Dreaming had to respond to Coyote’s lustful intentions. “Kaiyote had his way with the Dreaming, so the Dreaming had its way with Kaiyote in the form of the Kwahn.”

There is absolute truth in this statement as well. The Kwahn in the stories was forever the foil to Coyote’s mischief. While they were both creators, Coyote was frivolous emotional trickster deity, while Kwahn the Silver Fox was a rational trickster, with foresight and planning. And the two kept each other in check. The story is the same for the Kwahn and Nuwisha of today. The Kwahn are paramours and foils of the world’s tricksters- tricksters of the tricksters if you will, who keep a tight balance.

And speaking of balance, the Kwahn boast a certain skill set that is the envy of most other tricksters (and one that the Were-Coyote’s have to learn a certain magic Art to accomplish) – that of switching sex at a moment’s notice. The change to sex, however, needs a certain ritual… where the Kwahn reaches down and pulls off a certain…appendage. There is an audible “pop” sound when it comes off (To Female) and an audible “plop” when it goes back on (To Male). Neither Male, nor Female, but simply a spirit Fox, the Kwahn work their way through the waking world, and enjoy every second of it.



“I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion.
The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other.”
― Napoléon


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