A Year and A Day: Fir Dearg

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Fir Dearg:

“Of course they’re expensive. They’re also the finest pair of brogues you’ll ever own and they’ll last you five lifetimes. Magic doesn’t come cheap, ass-wipe, now pay up!”

Kith Excerpt:

The Fir Deargs are the third tribe of Celtic Fae that makes up the Leprechaun stereotype. While the actual Leipreacháns are tall Marcra (Double Seelie) heroes, and the Clurichauns medium seelie/unseelie, the Fir Deargs are short Thallain (Double Unseelie) ass-hats. They are greedy, belligerent, and to prone to fits of both violence and passive-aggressive back-stabbing in equal measure. In short (pun intended) they are the worst of the 3 tribes in one angry little package.

Their name is Irish for “the red men” but to hide their true nature they try and wear the green and grey of the Leprechaun name-sake (save for one spot of red on their person that is demanded by the Dreaming). However, when amongst themselves, they will drape themselves in the finest works of scarlet and crimson – all tailor made by hand of course. They are masters of craftsmanship. Mythology holds that the Leprechauns were expert shoemakers, and it was probably the Fir Deargs that sparked these legends.

Those in the know will never confuse the true three tribes, and the difference between Leipreacháns and Fir Dearg is painfully apparent. It should be noted, however, that not everybody is in the know. The Fir Deargs still have plenty of customers out there who are only aware of the Clurichauns. The Fir Deargs like it that way. The better to offer quality merchandise at competitive pricing. And if you don’t like it you can very well S*** a B*** W*** you F*** Chunk of **** ***** ****** ****. And How the Hell are you comparing me to the G**** ***** ***** NOKKERS!?!?





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