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Quoth the Jin Chan:

“You need how much? What happened to that 5k I hurled up for you last month? A tattoo? Listen sweetness, if we’re going to do business together, I have to lay down some ground rules.”

Kith Excerpt:

During the nights of the Full Moon, Hsien of meagre earnings and the right connections know who to call on. The Jin Chan family of Yaoguai is more than just lucky frogs, they are manifestations of Celestial fortune. Gold and Luck flows forth from them (literally) to the deserving and the pious.

Today effigies of the Jin Chan grace the halls of geomancers and alchemists, but their origins are more divine. The “wealth-beckoning toads” were the servants of Liu Haichan, the Chinese God of Wealth. They were grand financiers of the Celestial Bureaucracy, and managed Heaven’s intricate Banking systems.

Today, amongst so many families of the Hsien, the Obake, Bakemono, Gasin, etc… the Jin-Chan are counted on to present an even-handedness that exists despite Earthly squabbles. It doesn’t matter which court is right, it could be the Yaoguai, or it might not be. That doesn’t matter to the bottom line, and Bottom Line is the Jin-Chan’s business.



“Death and life have their determined appointments; riches and honors depend upon heaven.”
– Confucius


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