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Quoth the Apsasu:

“See the sign? It says ‘No Admittance’, Jack-Ass. That means get the f*** away from the door, or I will escort you away piece-by-piece.”

Kith Excerpt:

In ancient times, many of the Mesopotamians believed that their Gods would protect them from the outside world. With the Abgal teaching them, and the Shedu leading them, they would need a Khânevâde (Kith) just as mighty to protect their cities and kings. What they got for their prayers was the Apsasu. Also called Femapsasatu or Shahmarans (which heatedly irritates the Apsasu to be confused with their ophidian sisters), and many of the unenlightened call them Sphinxes. The same people rarely make the same mistake twice. The Apsasu are a bitter and angry Fae family that cares little for the squabbling and mewling disarray that is a mortal.

Disdain aside, they did serve as guardians of certain sanctified places. They protected abandoned temples dedicated to door-ways to other worlds, patrolled libraries that hold secrets man shouldn’t know, and even in the South lands, there is a large and forbidding frozen Apsasu that holds Egypt in her capable hands. Their idea of protecting men was to protect him from himself. Fatally if necessary.

Today many men believe the world a smaller place. The most pretentious feel that they have unearthed all of the secrets of the Deserts. There are no longer the dangers of magic libraries in the desert or hidden temples dedicated to other worlds. Many believe the Apsasu are a relic of the past. To this the Apsasu laugh sardonically. There is always something to guard, and the hidden temples are still hidden for a reason.

Not all of the Apsasu want to stay in the desert, however, and for those who wish to participate in the affairs of the other Apkallu; they maintain their role as guards by serving as security and bouncers. They are inexplicably good at their professions and sometimes the other Apkallu cringe when they are witness to just how efficient the Apsasu can be.



“I’ve learned that sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel.”
– Azgraybebly Josland


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