A Year and A Day: Fachen

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Quoth the Fachen:

“You think you’re fast? I’m twice as fast as you! I will race you to that oak and back, and we’ll see who’s faster…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Fachen are an odd and bloodthirsty Thallain kith from Ireland. They epitomize the spirit of the broken, forgotten warrior and are infamous for their strength in battle as well as their lack of mercy. Unfortunately, the Fachen don’t know when to quit, and they may take a victim’s life quickly after surrender. Such doesn’t endear them to the other Celtic Fae, and makes their company little sought out. There are also rumors of these Creatures being descendants of High King Balor, the Ard Righ of the Fomorians. Their one-eye and bloodthirsty ways leave little room for doubt.

This penchant for war isn’t impeded by their physical limitations. Fachen only have one leg, one arm sprouting from their chest, and one eye. Despite this, they are still as active as any Kith, and even go as far as to challenge others to feats of endurance and dexterity – Challenging redcaps to battle, Selkies in swimming contests, and even Trolls to feats of strength. (They are also extremely disgusted and angry when they lose, which is more often than they would like to admit.

While they aren’t the most numerous of Kith, they do travel in groups of up to a dozen at a time. These motleys are a bitter and angry lot, competing with each other as much as they compete with outsiders. While they may be courteous to others outside their little cliques, it is hard to get on their good-side. (Which is odd, considering that they only have one side).



“The true way to be humble is not to stoop until you are smaller than yourself, but to stand at your real height against some higher nature that will show you what the real smallness of your greatness is.”
– Phillip Brooks


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