A Year and A Day: Boto

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Boto:

“Eeny-meeny-miny-mo, I wonder where this cucumber will go? I love Carnivale!”

Kith Excerpt:

One of the most infamous of all the Calli (Kith), the Boto are a frightening tribe of Dolphin-changing miscreants that frequent the rivers of the Amazon. They are also known as Encantados (literally the Enchanted) or Toninas, but it is Boto- a term synonymous with the pink river dolphin itself – that they are most known amongst the other Ayauhcalli (Changelings).

Some posit that they might prove a lost tribe of merfolk. Others a newer form of Satyr, reborn for excessive lustiness in a new world. The Boto for their part, can’t be bothered to put in the academic research to find out. All they care about is the next party. They are notorious for their skillful carousing, lustful appetites, and seduction that sometimes strays into kidnapping. The perpetual-party-people, it seems all the Boto care to do is seek out the next fiesta.

Some might misconstrue this as shallow, but to do so is to do them a disservice. They are no means vapid; they can prove to be as deep of character as any creature of the Dreaming. Yet it is their zest for life that proves their greatest strength. While the ravages of Xocolātl (Banality) hinder the Calli, greying hairs and hardening hearts, the Boto will fight back the tide with song, dance, and love.



“Our top story tonight: Famous TV dolphin flipper was arrested today on prostitution ring charges. He allegedly was seen transporting two 16-year-olds across state line for immoral porpoises.”
– Colin Mochrie


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