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Quoth the Vatea:

(In human Form) “Play? Make Babies? Eat?”

(In dolphin Form) “Of course, my only objectives today are both preordained and wonderfully procurable. These are, in no order, breed with a comely mortal, enjoy a nice meal, and of course- to enjoy myself. What else is there to do in these short-short lives of ours? I won’t hold my breath waiting for a response, although I certainly could.”

Kith Excerpt:

Vatea, also known as Atea, Avatea, or Wakea in the Hawaiian Islands, was a creator deity- the Sky Father that brought the light of the sun and the Moon, as well as the fertile rains. Father of Gods and Men, his favorite children were special water-creatures that shared his likeness and his name. Existing well before the creation of Men, and eons before the Changeling Way, the Vatea of today are a strange Kadugo of Adhene, Proto-Huringa nigh unto Gods themselves

Despite their ancient pedigree, the Vatea are every bit as shallow and flighty as any mortal, with little direction beyond their carnal hungers. Countless lifetimes of frolicking under the sun, with the ocean’s bounty to fulfill any desire, there was little concern for anything else. The other things that matter in life are breeding, eating, and having fun – all the great things that existence can provide for.

Of course, with their cousins in the Huringa undertaking the Changeling Way, the Menehune growing quieter and quieter over the seasons, and the return of those ugly little Mū, it was only a matter of time before the Vatea would turn their attention to Land- the domain of Papa- the Earth Goddess and complement to their own Father God. The land, while limiting, has a bounty of benefits that might even surpass the water… Food, games, and a bevy of beautiful people. Enough so to keep the Vatea happy for years to come. – Thanks Dad!



“Humans think they are smarter than dolphins
because we build cars and buildings and start wars, etc.,
and all that dolphins do is swim in the water, eat fish and play around.
Dolphins believe that they are smarter for exactly the same reasons.”
– Douglas Adams


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