A Year and A Day: Brag

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Brag:

“The problem being, of course, that I am the sexiest creature whatever was, and you are a Sidhe-with all the sexual appeal of a cheese grater covered in lube. Now if you want to compare seduction tips, I ‘d be happy to help, but in the mean-time I’m nailing your girlfriend back in her trailer? Savvy?”

Kith Excerpt:

Brags, their name says it all. Never before or since has a creature of the Dreaming exhibited hubris to such a vigorous magnitude. Even the haughtiest of the Sidhe regard the Brags as so many narcissists. The Brag in return laughs off such accusations as simply jealously on the Sidhe’s part. In days long past, the Brags would appear at the crossroads and waylay strangers and mock passers-by. Many an arrogant aristocrat would try to mount the strange and beautiful creature only to be bucked in the mud while the handsome Brag runs off laughing.

Yet there may be more to the Brags than just their arrogance. They are also ingenious, robust, determined and (they’ll be the first to tell you this) attractive. Also called Dunnies in the Old Tongue, they are able to take the form of a handsome horse, the Brags are perhaps the most proficient Shape-shifters in the whole of the Dreaming. While limited to one form only, they can do so quickly and in front of anyone without repercussions (though it is frowned upon to do so when mortals are present). They can speak in all forms and do so often as they have so much to say. No-one can mistake the horse for anything but magical. They are as attractive in this form as they are in mortal, and the Brags knows it.

The Brags have used these attributes for selfish ends since Ancient times. A mainstay of Celtic folklore, their tales of Shapeshifting shenanigans have been told and retold (or adopted by the Pookas, as far as the Brags interpret it) throughout Fae History.



“I count myself the son of Chance, the great goddess, giver of all good things — I’ll never see myself disgraced.”
– Sophocles, “Oedipus Rex” Lines 1188-1190


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