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Quoth the Aria:

“Lighten up, Hey. It’s not like I’m going to bite you. You’re not my type. Geez. I just want a beer, yea?”

Kith Excerpt:

Aria- in their native Maori tongue, were sometimes thought to be the mounts of evil Atua. The supposed damage wrought by these Huringa highlight the truth in this. A Whanau of reptilian bringers of plague and poison, it is small wonder that they are feared by their Maori kinsmen. Their title itself may translate as like-ness, or form, and in their case – this is the likeness and form of plague brought on by exposure to the Dead.

The poison and the Dead do have some truth them, however. The overly lizard-like features of the Kadugo include long-tongues hidden behind sharp-little teeth. These sharp-little teeth contain a toxic slime that affects everyone, Huringa, Mortal, and Prodigal alike. As for the dead, the Aria are natural mediums, who interact with Avaiki – the Oceanic underworld, on a regular basis.

For all the negative reception, however, the Aria aren’t particularly malevolent. They aren’t eaters of the dead, or despoiler so nature. They are poisonous, of course, but no more-so than any myriad varieties of lizards. And while they may have truck with the odd ʻUhane, no Aria will go out of her way to make more ghosts. And while no small number of the Kadugo may go out of her way to poison the well, most of them simply are- for good or for bad.



“She cracked a smile. ‘So, what’s your poison?’”
He sighed dramatically, and let the truth tumble off his tongue. ‘Life.’
‘Ah,’ she said ruefully. ‘That’ll kill you.’”
― Victoria Schwab, “This Savage Song”


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