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Quoth the Gunna:

“Me? Don’t mind me. I’m simply Half Fae-Fox Half Skin-Changer, Half Dwarf, and Half all-around bad-ass: the most erudite of Hyperborean Fae that ever Hyped a Borea. That being said, you look like you need a hand. How can I help?”

Kith Excerpt:

Their many origin stories are a lesson in real academic research, but each is a lot of fun. Some paint the Gunna as simply shape-shifting shepard dwarves, who will vanish with the payment of clothing. Others cite them as one of the original Ruling families of Scottish Fae, who left Scotland for varied reasons (Their antics caught up with them and they pissed off the high-ranking Sidhe, a super-secret mission was mandated to them from the Tuatha de Danaan, they lost a bet with the Pechs and were sent to the Outworlds, they got bored, etc…). Each explanation is as plausable and fun as the next…

However, there are some truths that can be explored. The Gunna aren’t just a simple Tribe on their own, they are Fox Fae Kinain, or a normal mundane if not particularly clever Fox from the wild, who were gifted with a special Fur (not unlike the Swan-mays or other Skin-dancers) that allows for more transformation than the usual fox to man. Regardless of the implications of wearing the corpse of a fellow fox, the fur allows the wielder a new power. They can also transform into a great swarm of bees! BEES!

With this newfound power, however, comes great responsiblities to the powers that be. They must act in accordance with some unwritten code of ethics, or else have their coat removed by the elders. To fulfill this code, the Gunna serve mortals and Fae alike in any way that makes sense to them. Those old stories of a Shepard Gunna is one such example of aiding humanity, but mythology has dozens of examples of friendly rakish figures appearing out of nowhere, and saving the day. Only the Gods know how many of these accounts were Gunna.



– Nicholas Cage, “The Wicker Man”


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