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Quoth the Kappa:

“You like cucumbers? I do… Come here and I’ll share this one with you, right up your ARSE! Hah!”

Kith Excerpt:

Perhaps the most well-known of the Obake the Kappa are also known as gatarō, gawappa, kawako, kawappa, kawatora, komahiki, mizuchi, suiko, and a score of other names across the whole of the Middle Kingdom. Perhaps their pervasiveness is due to their penchant for hovering close to water sources… much like the mortals they ridicule, harangue and haunt for their Glamour/Yugen. There are stories abound that Kappa are stupid enough to respond to a low bow from another Shinma, and spill thusly. While it is true that politeness is returned in kind from this Obake family, none are so stupid as to risk their own lives for the sake of propriety.

Not necessarily bad, there is still a certain Gobliness that places these Shinma in the unsavory families of Asian Fae. They are seedy, uncouth, and belligerent. They also revel in their reputation. They tell stories about their own unsavory ends in order to bolster their ill-standing. One of their favorites is that they will suck the shirikodama (a mythical magical organ) out of a drowned victim’s anus.

Despite their low social standing, they are still reverent. When approached with respect, and politeness, they will respond with the same in turn. They are deeply reverent of those who faithfully wear the cloth. They will even go so far as to help a local community that might be down on its luck, helping local fishermen and the like, or leaving food on the doors of the poor. Just don’t tell anybody about it okay? They don’t want to ruin their good name…



“Every Day I smoke two hundred cigarettes and one hundred cigars and drink a bottle of whisky and three bottles of wine with dinner. And dinner is meat. Raw meat.”
– Dick Anger, “Nextwave”


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