A Year and A Day: Ishigaq

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Ishigaq:

“Listen, I know that you’re killing too many wolves for sport. You know you’re killing too many wolves for sport. The Spirits know that you’re killing too many wolves at all. If you weren’t, the spirits wouldn’t have sent me. Help me help you, okay? What can we do to fix this?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Ishigaq were once giants, if the stories are to be believed, that offended those in higher stations, and were demoted to their now miniscule station. Some say that they warred with Sila the sky spirit, who punished them not through death, but by removing their power and size. Others say that they refused to share their meals with Matshishkapeu, the God of Flatulence. Some say that they broke a treatise with Sedna. Whatever the truth of the matter, the once great Ishigaq are now only 3 feet tall, and forever seek to make amends.

These amends remain the most important aspect of the Ishigaq’s existence. The eldest of their number interpret the wills of the spirits- that being Elder Gods of the Cold, ghosts and ancestors, or other ethereal beings. The braves receive the word of the spirits desires and carry out their wishes as best as they are able. The younglings of the Tribe study their own history, their mythology, and whatever else they can get their hands, all in the hope of finding the clues to end their curse.

Of course, it’s not all bad. While they may treat their divine mandate for rectification with the utmost gravitas, the spirits probably don’t. While out and about in the world, there is no shortage of adventure to be had. The Spirits that be send them on all sorts of adventures, some more wacky than others. If the Ishigaq isn’t careful, they might just have fun while they are out there.



“Winter’s more than words and wind. She’s a chill that clings to everything. She’s power. And, like all great powers, she likes her companionship recognized. If she’s talking to you, you’ll know.”
― Shannon Dittemore, “Winter, White and Wicked”


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