A Year and A Day: Mura

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Mura.pdf

Quoth the Mura:

“Shhh… Yes. Just drift away, I’m hungry, my pet. Yes, I am. Now quietly, softly, let me have what it is mine…”

Kith Excerpt:

Zmora, Mara marlíðendr, there are as many different names for this malicious Krew (Kith) as there are victims of the Můra’s dark hungers. Srogi (Unseelie) to a one of them, only their own self-enforced rules keeps them from becoming full on Bies (Thallain). Feeding on Czar (Glamour) and warm blood at night, Transforming into a great moth- creeping though key-holes to perch on sleeping chests, causing sleep paralysis and inflicting tumultuous nightmares- a house that keeps a Můra is an unhappy one.

And many a household keeps the Můra. Fond of staying in Kitten form and being adopted by unwary Polish families, this dark Krew (Kith) feign innocence to ensure that the mystery of the night-time ailments go unsolved. “It certainly couldn’t be our Mittens.”

Even those who maintain some time on two legs are welcomed as family in many a house-hold. In fact, most others who meet a Můra are unaware they are anything more than what they claim to be. Either a sprightly little kitten, or a wonderfully eager elfin creature. Both in Fae form and amongst mortals, most are captivated by the charisma and swept away by the infectiously cute little sprite.



“Here I am lying down to sleep; No night-mare shall plague me until they have swum through all the waters that flow upon the earth, and counted all stars that appear in the skies.
Thus help me God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!”
– Westphalian prayer of protection



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