A Year and A Day: Fuchse

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Fuchse:

“Come on baby, You know I’m the good guy. I’m your husband, right? All I need is your credit card number, and I swear I’ll take you away from all of this. All you have to do is trust me.”

Kith Excerpt:

Reynard the Fox was a medieval allegorical figure depicting the hazards of greed, pride, sloth, lust, and every other sin that they could lay at his foxy feet. His exploits were as legendary as his appetite, and his punishments were severe. His tales were told all across Europe, in particular England, France, Germany and up into the Scandinavian kingdoms. It was in the Kingdom of Magicians, however, that he was finally able to make peace. (As the Otso didn’t automatically drive him out of the realm).

Here, however, in the fabulous Dreaming Realm of Finland, did karma finally catch up to this fabled figure of a fox. Karma in this case, manifested in a whole brood of bastard children, all just as lascivious as their erstwhile Father. The Väki of Füchse is Fox-Fae, any of those strange Dreaming creatures that are born as foxes but decide they are Changelings. In the case of this Finnish family, they all claim descent from the legendary Reynard of antiquity. They are also horribly, unambiguously Thallain.

The Füchse inherited many vices from their Father-God, but one thing they never quite inherited was empathy. Each one of these callous beings thinks themselves the very epicenter of the fabric of the universe. Every other entity, from other Fae to mortals, to Gods and beyond- exist only to ensure that this singular Füchse gets what he wants. Of course it should be mentioned that the Füchse are not the direct children of the Trickster icon Reynard. They are simply liars and cheats and swindling monsters with no regard for anything other than their own carnal desires. Or perhaps they are lying about that too.



“‘Why don’t people like me? Is it because I’m a magic user? Or is my beard too shaggy?
I try so hard to be a good husband to girls. What’s wrong with me?’

‘Hoot! You’re a sociopath.’”
– Cosmic Owl to the Ice King, “Adventure Time”


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