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Quoth the Adaro:

“What are you looking at, you stupid Asshat? Do you want a piece of me? I’ll bite one arm off to shove up your ass, and I’ll bite the other off as a snack!”

Kith Excerpt:

The Adaro are a far traveling Huringa (Fae) of shark-bodied monsters originally hailing from the Solomon Islands. Many of them still experience their Chrysalis there as well but they can be found across the whole Sea-of-Islands and beyond, Called Dukuwaqa In Fiji and Akalo in Hawaii, they also have dealings with the nastiest creatures in Asia, Australia, and all the way to the Americas. If there’s a place for sharks in the water, one can be sure an Adaro has been there.

Like the Kakamora cousins, the Adaro are frightening in both form and personality. They are all sorts of the worst sides of roughnecks and cutthroats, and all the seedy underbelly of society. Like aquatic biker-gangs, they scour the ocean causing a ruckus wherever they can. They are the worst of the Kūhiki (Unseelie), though not Thallain, to a one of them, and it shows in their behavior and actions. No thuggery is beneath them, and any opportunity to intimidate is happily seized.

Though it shouldn’t be misconstrued that they are all bad. Despite their nasty dispositions and nefarious actions, some few of them have hearts of gold. And to make a friend of one Adaro is to ensure that other Adaro look at you before your face is bit off. But those looking to meet the best of the Adaro should be forewarned, the Adaro are monsters, and enjoy their monster nature; to assume otherwise is to be naive, and no Adaro, gold-heart or no, would pass up the opportunity to take advantage.



“Lots of people do not feel and do not care, deeply. They’re the sea creatures who were born to swim in the shallows. And I think that they look at those of us who come from the parts of the ocean that’s pitch black and deeper than the core of the planet and they feel fascinated. They’re fascinated in the way we are fascinated with eagles or with vampires.”
― C. JoyBell C.


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