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Quoth the Leipreachán:

“Don’t be gettin’ up in arms; I’m only speakin’ the truth. If it’s fisticuffs you’ll be wanting, I’ll give them fair outside. Until then, you’re in the wrong, and I’ll be expecting apologies to the poor fella what owned the bar that you just wrecked.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Leipreachán is perhaps the most recognizable of all the Celtic Fae, if not the whole of the Fae World as the modern public understands it. Upon hearing the word, one can’t help but conjure images of St. Patty’s Day kitsch, bad horror movies, and sugar laden breakfast cereals. Short, stout, and bedecked in green, the Leipreachán is sure to have a hidden Pot O’ Gold somewhere close nearby. This universally recognized portrait is a poor representation of the true Leipreachán. One of three kiths in a family that makes up the aforementioned image, (along with Clurichauns and Fir Deargs) the Leipreachán is the least likely to be mistaken for the Leprechaun, despite the closeness of the names.

The title of the Kith comes from old Irish for little stooping Lugh, or small Lugh’s body, a reference to them being shorter than Lugh Llamfhada, the Tuatha of winning. This doesn’t mean that they are short however, at least by mortal standards. This is just a testement to how tall Lugh was. In fact, many Leipreachán historians will be quick to point out that the Kith was the tallest of the People under the Hill, some thing still evident today when one meets a true Leipreachán.

The Kith is double Seelie, Marcra, and despite their violent ways, predilection for alcohol, and mouthful of never heard before profanities, is the most accessible of all Hibernian Fae. As quick as they are to start a bar-fight, they are just as quick to buy a round of shots afterward, and while they may challenge the pedigree of a Sidhe Princess’ bloodline, they will also protect her virtue until their dying breath. It may be hard to see the Seelie in their ways, but their motives and actions say more than mere swear words and curses ever could.



“Oh singin’s no sin, and drinkin’s no crime, if you have one drink only, just one at a time.”
– King Brian, “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”


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