A Year and A Day: Glaistig

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Quoth the Glaistig:

“Greetings Darling, how kind of you to come visit. Girl, go fetch some wine for my guest, be quick about it and I may yet let you wear one of my pretty dresses later… Sorry about that. Good hired-help is so hard to come by.”

Kith Excerpt:

In turns described as anything; from the wayward green ghost of a virgin suicide, to a subset of the Fuath Tribe of Adhene, to a simple Scottish Satyr, the Glaistig have been misinterpreted as long as there have been scholars to misinterpret. While there are elements of truth in all theories, none are 100% accurate. The Glaistig are wyld women, cloven hoofed and behorned – much like Satyrs. Their ancestral roots do lie in Scotland, but Scotland now is smaller than it once was. As for the Ghost girls? That has more truth than any, much more than the Glaistigs themselves would care to admit.

The Chrysalis for the Glaistig is a harrowing affair. No Glaistig is born, they are made. An all-female Family of Crimbil (Kith) a Henach Glaistig finds a poor young mortal girl, takes her away, puts her in a green-grey dress and puts her to work. Little better than a slave, the young girl toils all day, growing bitter and jaded, and slowly ensuring that she will grow up to be just like her mistress. Wearing this Glas Dress, (Glas is a Greenish Grey color and the reason for the Crimbil’s name), and the consuming of blood over the years are all integral parts of the extensive decades-long chrysalis process. Once they are old enough, bitter enough, and Annwyn (Unseelie) enough – they invariably adopt an appearance not dissimilar to their “Mother.” Thus, a new Glaistig is brought into the fold, who inherits her keeper’s estates, and will in turn find a young new ward to serve as she once did.

These estates are grand affairs as all Glaistig’s have quite the inheritance. Sweeping acres of wyld land, the Glaistig serve as gatekeepers of the liminal spaces betwixt hither and yon. It is no easy feat to maintain their ancestral holdings as well as they do, and to look good while doing it. There are secrets hidden in the wild and natural holdings kept by the Glaistig, and it takes a strong arm, heart, and mind to guard it properly. Perhaps this is why the Henach matrons of the Tribe are so domineering with their “Daughters,” who need grow big and strong to maintain these lands.



“The beauty of a woman transcends all other forms of beauty, as well in the sweetness of its suggestions, as in the fervor of the admiration it awakens. The beauty of a lovely woman is an inspiration, a sweet delirium, a gentle madness. Her looks are love-potions. Heaven itself is never so clearly revealed to us as in the face of a beautiful woman.”
– Christian Nestell Bovee


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