A Year and A Day: Eer-Moona

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Eer-Moona:

*Nothing, as they silently creep around your tent before striking…*

Kith Excerpt:

While many hardy Fae can boast prowess when it comes to hunting and surviving, as wild as they are, no one comes close to the pure competence of the Eer-Moona. Monsters Hunters (understood both as monsters that hunt and hunting of monsters) since time immemorial, these long-legged folk have been always been stalking the dark corners of the Neverwhen. It was their purpose to protect and guard the realms, keeping balance for the good folks and weeding out the bad. Well, that, and eating foolhardy wizards too.

Yet with the death of the Bunyip (a long-lost Garou Tribe of the outback) the Eer-Moona felt that things were falling apart at the seams. This new evil brought by the Gubba Country (outsiders and white-fellas) was something new the Eer-Moona hadn’t seen, and weren’t sure how to best deal with it. They decided the best they could do was to survive. And survive they did.

Despite the loss of their Bunyip, the slow creeping fading out of their Gumagain friends, and the difficult changes to their new way of life (the Changeling Way was especially hard on them), the Eer-Moona still live the life they should; hunting, stalking, and performing rites of the Dreaming Country. This is the way they have always done it. While the world changes around them, they refuse to acknowledge any of it. And yes, they still occasionally eat a pesky wizard who goes all nipping about.



“I’ll tell you where the dead heart of Australia is.
It’s right back there in the cities.
Not out in the sand and the mulga and the stones burning hot under the sun.”
– David Ireland, “Burn”


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