A Year & A Day: Haule Mannerchen

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Quoth the Haule Mannerchen:

“Oh ho, Oh ho… is that a little finger-nail biter, I See? Be careful, you will need those nails someday. I would hate to see what would happen if someone would shove cold-iron shavings under those nails.”

Kith Excerpt:

A little boy sucks his thumb, excessively so.
The Thumb gets chopped off in a horrible axethrowing incident (they happen all the time). The poor little boy gives up his dreams to become a champion video-gamer. He instead chooses to go into the field of forest preservation (The axe molded his mind as well as his hands). A bear (secretly a Fairy Queen in disguise) is caught in a trap. He springs the trap releasing her. Yet what’s this? The trap springs forward of its own accord and snaps at his fingers. It would have snatched his them and tasted his blood, too, because it was a magic trap. Luckily the thumb was already missing. You can thank the Haule Mannerchen for this wonderful feat of mental gymnastics.

Nicked named the Scissor-men, this rare German Abstammung (Kith) are the only Male Fae in this realm or the next who have ties to FATE (Capitol Fate). Almost exclusively Male (only Males have ever been seen), throughout the Ages, the Haule Mannerchen assisted the myriad ladies of fate. They did so by ensuring justice was met in beautiful theatrical fits of irony and malaise. They have ancient ties to Holda, or Mother Berchta, or other Hags of antiquity. No few outsiders claim that Haule Mannerchen may be the male offspring of such hags.

Like the original story of “Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher” (little suck-a-thumb) has staying power in the German mind-scape, this wonderfully genteel Stille-Volken also holds a special place in the Dreaming of der Schwarz-wald. Mothers still warn their little gob-spitters, soup-slurpers, and nose-pickers about the dark workings of fate, and the Scissor-Men are only too happy to oblige.



“Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man – Putting end to evil doers games.
Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man – Maybe you are in his book of names.” – Primus’ “The Scissor Man”


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