Updates From Koyoht Bleu!

Greetings folks! We here at Koyoht Bleu just wanted to give a little update to our growing audience and apologize for the many hiccups we’ve experienced this month. A snowballing of recent personal losses, technical issues, and Covid have set us behind, but know that we keep this project in our hearts daily. All of our the Kiths are already written; the bulk of our work at this point is technical aspects of presenting them online.

We’ve worked with a lot of players and contributors over the years, but ultimately this site is run by only two people. As we recover from Covid, we’ll also make a recovery with our regular postings and catch you all up to speed on the Kiths missed. Thank you for your patience, and we appreciate your understanding.

Wishing you Good Health & Good Times,
– Koyoht Bleu

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