A Year & A Day: Widdershin Toms

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Widdershin-Toms.pdf

Quoth the Widdershin Tom:

“…sign here, and here, and initial here. Blood? No, it’s red ink. Oh, and sign here too…”

Kith Excerpt:

Less a Tribe, and more of a horrible life decision that some Cait-Sith stumble into, the Widdershin Toms (or Widdershin Tomi for the Females, Widdershins in general) is akin to financial pyramid born of Infernally bureaucratic commerce. When a Cait-Sith of any tribe messes up (and unusually hard, sometimes by happenstance, sometimes by the manipulations of another Widdershin) then somebody is there to help pick up the pieces. A contract is made, and with that first signature is the commencement of that poor puss’s collapse.

The Life of the Widdershin is akin to a Ponzi scheme where-in each member tries to get as many other Widdershins as possible. Every tribe of Cait-Sith has individuals who are caught up in this infernal pyramid of double-dealing and back-biting. When enmeshed in these Hellish webs of executive remits, the Widdershin has no choice but to enact the wishes of those higher-up the chain. Some of these orders might seem innocuous: Provide a Widdershin’s personal cell number to a Cait-Sith of another tribe who is in trouble. Be a friend to someone in need. The higher up one goes on the Pyramid, the more nebulous the orders, until finally, “be there when another Widdershin is about to die and be there to renegotiate.” The Highest-ranking report to Cluasa Móra directly, and always seem to be there whenever misfortune hits (all just circumstantially of course).

Is there a way out? Sure. Why Not? Rumours exist of opening in contracts, legal loopholes, and being able to out-maneuver one’s Widdershin’s point-of-contact in legally foisting verbal sparring. The most pressing rumors include the souls of 7 other Cats to summon Cluasa Móra, or 7 times 7 other Cat souls to summon the Diabhal himself and renegotiate with him.



“See these tears so blue, An ageless heart that can never mend – These tears can never dry. A judgment made can never bend. See these eyes so green… I can…”
– David Bowie, “Cat People”


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