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Quoth the Nasnas:

“Ahah! He leaps, over your head, look how quickly! And now, where is he? Why, there he is! But look! It is simply a beggar, surely this could not be that great and majestic creature leaping and bounding!”

Kith Excerpt:

The folktales state that they are either a forgotten family of demi-Jinn, Jinn, a curse from the proto-god Khayyin, bastard children of the Demon Shiqq, or direct descendants of the Hai-uri the Half-God. Half-God in this context doesn’t mean a half human but instead refers to the physical structure. The Nasnás have only one leg, one eye, one arm, and one ear. This carries over into their mortal mien, where they are pitied by some, disgust others. Some of the wiser onlookers fear them, however, as the true power of the Nasnás is reflected in these half-bodies. They exist halfway in the spirit world, halfway in the material, and are able to bounce back and forth through the myriad realms far easier than even the name-breaking wizards.

Also known as the Hungruf, or yes, Hai-uri the Nasnás are a strange and frantic Emere (Kith) from the hot areas around Yemen, Djibouti, and the Sudan. While this may seem a bit south for most of the Children of the Sphinx, this family prefers large cities and the hustle and bustle of people. Cairo, Giza, and Shubra El Kheima all boast a sizable population of these twice damned monsters.

Masters of the cities in a way that few Emere are, the Nasnás utilize their natural athletic ability (despite any seeming physical limitations) to traverse their cities quickly and easily. In addition, one of their birthrights allows them to seemingly teleport between places, a testament to the existence half-way between worlds. Creatures from the Empire of the Sphinx, or elsewhere would be wise to play nice when entering the Nasnás urban domains. They can not only serve as guides if need be, but they also have their one ear to the ground in ways that so few are. It is very easy to overlook the poor lame beggar, and the Nasnás know how to capitalize on other’s misperceptions.



“The world is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes.” – Percy Ross


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