A Year and A Day: Fomor-Sì

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Fomor-Sì:

“You speak of remorse, as if I was anything less than proud of my every theft, every turned card, every action that took me to this place at this time. Remorse? Never.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Sidhe Powers that be huddle and whisper in hushed tones about House Balor, with their disfigurements and evil nebulous ways. They scare their Childings with tales of the Fomorians as if they were some distant and ancient force that exists solely to devour. Thallain? Shadow Courts? The Tithe? All trifles compared to the true nature of the Dreaming’s Dark–Side. It is a side that few bother to think about, let alone understand.

The Fomor-Sì are the spiritual inheritors of these Dark-powers. Claiming direct descent from the Fomorian Gods that opposed the Tuatha de Danaan, they mightily wield the darkness that is their blood-right. Many remember, but few focus, on the truth that Lugh Llamfhada of the Tuatha was half Fomor. Such sharing of blood was proof positive that rules were put in place to balance the opposing armies of Magh Tuireadh. The Twice Samhain Tribe of Fomor understands that without their quest for deeper darkness, the Beltaine Tribe would have no purpose.

The Fomor-Sì hold in highest esteem reverence for the Crom Cruach, Balor Ard-Righ, and other dark kings of Celtic Antiquity. They pursue dark knowledge and forbidden secrets that others consider unholy or infernal. Some may call such pursuits evil, the Fomor call it necessary. The Tithes must be paid anyway, better they be the ones holding the check.



“I devotedly believe that the essence of my being – my spirit – is not truly a part of the universe, it is a part of Chaos. My spirit is a fragment of the Hidden God beyond the nutshell we call the cosmos; thus being trapped in a human body is only a prison in my eyes.” ― Vexior 218


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