A Year and A Day: Leanhaun-Sì

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Quoth the Leanhaun-Sì:

“A Star? An Icon? A Sex-God worshipped by millions? Tell me what you really want, and I’ll help to get it. All it takes is one signature and one kiss.”

Kith Excerpt:

House Leanhaun of the Unseelie Courts is a bastard clutch of dejected, toadying, pretentious wannabe art-patrons with all the tact of a jack-hammer and all the aesthetics of a blind redcap who unjustly borrowed the name of this Sì Tribe. Of course, that is what the others believe. And the true Leanhaun-Sì Tribe couldn’t be happier.

It is always easier to play a role, especially in the manipulative Machiavellian games of the Leanhaun. They are the silent power-brokers behind the business, the voice of reason behind the throne, or the clever manager for the hot new starlet (where the others suspect House Leanhaun to be).

If someone confuses the Leanhuan (that upstart House of the Ar Bhealach) and the Leanhaun-Sì, well so much the better. The true Leanhaun prefers to stay in the shadows. But if it’s time to shine- better they are seen as someone else. Another person will take the blame when that inevitable turmoil hits.



“I always feel you watching – I know you never look away
How those embers burn – And all the stars that look down
You gave them all a name – But they’re forgotten now.”
– Unkindness of Ravens, “Leanhaun Sídhe”


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